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Algodones Dental Clinic just 3 minutes walking distance from the border Yuma Arizona. We are the best choice for quality dental treatment in Los Algodones, B.C.  México

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Best price for high-quality dental work

Save over 70% in your dental treatment compared to prices in the United State and Canada, the best prices in our Algodones dental clinic.

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Our friendly staff and dental specialists will help you have a beautiful smile and a great experience.

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High-quality dental work

We are here to serve your dental needs with guaranteed work. We treat all our patients with personalized attention, our doctors will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you consult them.


Algodones Dental Clinic with titanium Implants


Implants are a popular and affective way to replace missing teeth and are designed to blend in with your other teeth.

The advantage is that titanium in the implants fuses with your jawbone, titanium is a biocompatible material, the implants won’t slip, make noise or cause bone damage the way fixed bridgework or dentures might.


Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are formed to your mouth and created by your dentists to replace lost or removed natural teeth. In the image you can see a prosthesis with an upper zirconium bar and a titanium core, a piece that we handle in our dental office.

Algodones Dental Clinic with high quality dentures
Algodones Dental Clinic root canal treatment


Root canal therapy is a procedure used to help repair an infection or damage in the pulp (center of a tooth). Endodontists perform a variety of procedures including endodontic therapy, endodontic retreatment, surgery, treating cracked teeth and treating dental trauma.


Porcelain fused to metal crown are a cosmetic restoration used to strengthen a tooth or improve its shape. Dental crowns can be made out of metals, porcelain, resin and ceramics.

Algodones Dental Clinic crows

We are proud to have an exceptional group of dental professionals on our staff with years of experience in dentistry and dental health.


Tabby Sullivan

"Innova Dental met all my criteria, coming all the way from NJ the consultation I had put all my fears to rest. I couldn't be happier with the treatment I am receiving. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and COVID 19 precautions that were taken. I had extensive work done in July 2021 extractions, bone grafting, implants and I go back for crowns in January to get my dream smile."

Evan Stahl

"Dr. Miriam and the specialist she works with provide exceptional care. The dental office is clean, very professional and well maintained. I had crowns done within 24 hours and my implant bridge remade. I would highly recommend this dental office."

Xopforx Schroeder

"I regularly come to Los Algodones from Oregon to get good and cheap dental work done. The cost was very low to have two teeth extracted and have bone grafts done for future implants. The care that was provided was great care, the medications were brought to me and waiting before I left my chair, it’s been almost 6 months and I will be heading back to have my implants put in. Each is roughly 1100 bucks. Considering how much I would pay out of pocket in the us between insurance and co pay, I’m saving money. The work also comes with a warrantee. I can’t recommend these people enough. Several years of visiting Mexico and multiple teeth worked on and I still have no issues with my teeth. It’s well worth the money for good and cheap dental sided with a mini vacation abroad."